Coastal & Marine Tourism Congress - Field Trips

With the invaluable help and generous support of the operators and providers, we have put together an exciting array of field trips for CMT'07 delegates and their partners at considerably lower cost, or with additional benefits. We believe that there is a tour for everyone's taste, from a historic city walk to an exciting dolphin & whale safari, from the beautiful Maritime Museum (including a harbour cruise!) to the unique Tiritiri Matangi Island, from a behind-the-scenes tour at the famous Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter & Underwater World, to the Leigh Marine Laboratory and Goat Island Reserve.

Please note that all tours have limited spaces available, and thus we will book them on a first come first served basis. Bookings are to be made via the registration form online, and the fee will be collected with the conference fee. Delegates are very welcome to book two field trips (one on Friday and one on Saturday), but are advised to make sure they won't book two trips that are running at the same time.

Please make sure that you bring adequate clothing, sun block, etc. for the tours, especially those that include a boat trip (Maritime Museum, Tiritiri Matangi, Dolphin and Whale Safari).

Please note that minimum numbers apply to most trips. We reserve the right to cancel trips if the minimum number has not been reached. Delegates will be informed in advance and - where possible - be offered an alternative tour, or given a refund for the ticket price.

Field Trip 1 (Tours 1 & 2)

The New Zealand National Maritime Museum and Harbour Cruise on the Historic "Ted Ashby"

Being an island nation, New Zealand has a long standing relationship with the sea. Therefore, there is no better venue than the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, located at Auckland's vibrant waterfront. As its Maori name, Te Huiteanaui-A-Tangaroa (holder of the treasures of Tangaroa - of the Sea God) suggests, this museum stores many of the nation's treasures.

The New Zealand National Maritime Museum houses treasures ranging from original display boats to life size exhibits and include an amazing collection of models and artefacts. The museum is also home to the incredible Ted Ashby. The Ted Ashby is a ketch-rigged deck scow typical of the fleet of scows that once operated in northern New Zealand waters (see photos). The scow was built by museum staff and volunteers in the traditional manner and was launched in August 1993. Ted Ashby is named after the author of the book "Phantom Fleet" and the New Zealand National Maritime Museum has chosen to honour a man whose life was intimately involved with the scows.

For more information on the Ted Ashby and the New Zealand National Maritime Museum go to

The Field Trip: Delegates have the opportunity to join us on a guided tour of the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, followed by an exciting journey through Auckland's waters aboard the Ted Ashby. You are more than welcome to help the crew sail the Ted Ashby!

Thanks to the generous support of the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, this tour is exclusive for CMT'07 delegates, and cost for this field trip is only NZ$15 per person. This includes the entrance fee to the museum, the guided tour, and the sailing trip on the Ted Ashby (appr. 1 hour). Spaces are limited and going quickly, so hurry and reserve your place on this trip today!

Venue: The New Zealand National Maritime Museum (Viaduct Harbour, Auckland)
Date: Friday, 14 September 2007
Time: 3.30pm from AUT's WH building (walk to the Viaduct Harbour)
Finish: Appr. 6.00pm at the Museum
Cost: $15.00 (incl. entrance fee, guided tour, harbour cruise on the "Ted Ashby")

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Field Trip 2 (Tour 3)

Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter & Underwater World

Kelly Tarlton's is a wonderland of snow, ice and amazing underwater sights. Explore the wilds of Antarctica and the natural treasures of the ocean depths in our Underwater World - and beyond. Plunge under Auckland's waterfront and you'll discover spectacular secrets of the Southern Ocean and see the magic of an Antarctic fantasyland, complete with Penguins strutting in fresh snow and ice!

Head for the Antarctic Encounter, where you'll be taken back in time to the life-sized replica hut of intrepid South Pole explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott. Come out of the hut and into an Antarctic snowcat, where you're transported to a magical world of snow and ice. Frolicking in the white wilderness is a colony of sub-Antarctic Penguins. From your snowcat, you'll get a fantastic fish eye view of the birds as they swim underwater.

After your Antarctic encounter; head to the Amazon tank to view the deadly Piranha. Now step onto the moving walkway in the Underwater World, you'll come face-to-face with a Broadnosed Sevengill Shark, proudly displaying some of the most powerful jaws on the planet. You're travelling in a clear tunnel, surrounded by two million litres of ocean water and the hundreds of awesome sea creatures within it - you're just centimetres away from a Bronze Whaler and a two-metre wide Stingray!

Before ample free time to wander around Kelly Tarlton's, delegates have the opportunity to participate in a unique tour behind the scenes (appr. 30 minutes).

Venue: Kelly Tarlton's Antarctic Encounter & Underwater World (Auckland)
Date: Friday, 14 September 2007
Time: 3.30pm from AUT's WH Building (bus transfer to Kelly Tarlton's and back)
Finish: Appr. 6:30pm at AUT's WH Building
Cost: $39.00 (incl. bus transfer, entrance fee, tour behind the scenes)

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Field Trip 3 (Tour 4)

Dolphin & Whale Safari

Auckland's beautiful Hauraki Gulf is considered to be one of the most biologically and geographically diverse marine parks in the world. It is also one of the world's richest habitats for marine mammals: 22 species of dolphins & whales have been seen in the Hauraki Gulf.

The safari will take you beyond the islands of Rangitoto and Waiheke and into the open water of the Hauraki Gulf. Dolphins & whales are found in this beautiful area all year round. They can travel substantial distances from day to day. Each one of our trips is a safari to find them.

We encounter marine mammals on well over 90% of our safaris. Our skilled crew has over 20 years combined experience finding & interacting with dolphins & whales.

Every safari is different. Most days we find Common dolphins; we can see just a few or many hundreds of them. We see Bryde's whales throughout the year - often in winter, less frequently through the summer months. If we're lucky we see these majestic whales lunge-feeding through large schools of fish. Other species seen through the year are Bottlenose dolphins and Orca (Killer whales).

On Auckland's Dolphin & Whale Safari you will experience the Gulf from the comfort of a luxury 20 meter Powercat. This is a high speed vessel designed specifically for the water conditions of the Hauraki Gulf. It has large saloons and decks on two levels which provide great viewing areas and maximum passenger comfort. A light lunch is served during the journey.

Venue: Hauraki Gulf, on Catamaran "Dolphin Encounter"
Host: Auckland's Dolphin & Whale Safari
Date: Saturday, 15 September 2007
Time: 10.30am at AUT's WH Building, or 11:00am at the pier, Viaduct Harbour
Finish: Appr. 4.00pm at the pier, Viaduct Harbour
Cost: $70.00 (incl. guided dolphin/whale watching trip, snacks)

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Field Trip 4 (Tours 5 & 10)

Guided Maritime Heritage Walk Auckland

Auckland Walks has been leading groups around the city's CBD for some years. This beautiful city, with a skyline dominated by over 40 volcanic cones, is situated on a narrow isthmus which divides the Tasman Sea from the Pacific Ocean. The last habitable land mass to be discovered, Polynesian voyagers landed here about 1000 years ago. Captain James Cook claimed the land for Britain during the Age of Discovery and the city was founded on strong maritime traditions. Devonport was an established station of the Royal Navy in the 1840s, and when it was commissioned, the Calliope Dry Dock was the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. Today 75% of New Zealand's imports and 40% of its exports pass through the Port of Auckland or the International Airport. The city is dominant in the maritime industry sector, with a global reputation built around hosting the America's Cup Regattas of 2000 and 2003. It will be our pleasure to host you on an entertaining and enlightening tour focused on this rich heritage.

Option 1

Venue: Auckland City
Host: Auckland Walks
Date: Friday, 14 September 2007
Time: 4.00pm at the Maritime Museum
Finish: Appr. 6.00pm at the Maritime Museum
Cost: $19.00 (incl. guided walk)

Option 2

Venue: Auckland City
Host: Auckland Walks
Date: Saturday, 15 September 2007
Time: 10.00am at the Maritime Museum
Finish: Appr. 12.00noon at the Maritime Museum
Cost: $ 19.00 (incl. guided walk)

Field Trip 5 (Tours 6, 7, & 8)

Tirtiri Matangi Island

Situated 1 1/4 hours by ferry from Auckland City is the world renowned island sanctuary of Tiritiri Matangi. This precious jewel set in the Hauraki Gulf is home to many of New Zealands most endangered plant and bird species.

Managed by the Department of Conservation in partnership with Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi, the island has the status of an open sanctuary. This allows the public to visit and enjoy the natural splendour of rapidly regenerating native forest and ever increasing birdsong. During the last 21 years around 300,000 native trees have been planted allowing the reintroduction of 11 threatened native bird specials as well as tuatara, New Zealand's living dinosaur. You can also expect to see many naturally occurring species.

Leaving Auckland City by ferry at 9.00am, you arrive at Tiritiri at 10.15am. Once there you will be enjoying a guided walk where you will learn about many aspects of the island while being introduced to some its inhabitants! There are 2 routes used for guided walks. The shorter route (Wattle Track) takes about an hour to an hour and a half, the longer route (Kawerau Track) takes about an hour and a half to two hours, during which time your guide will identify the variety of birds and bird song, native trees and points of interest. For first time visitors to the island this is a must! Many of the bird species on Tiritiri Matangi are only found on scientific reserves or in small remote areas of native bush on the mainland and may be unfamiliar to many visitors. Taking a guided tour will enhance the pleasure of your day on Tiritiri Matangi. The tours are guided by trained volunteers from the Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi.

Venue: Tirtiri Matangi Island (Hauraki Gulf)
Host: Supporters of Tiritiri Matangi
Date: Saturday, 15 September 2007
Time: 8.20am at AUT's WH Building (walk to the ferry terminal), or 9:00am at the ferry terminal at Pier Three, Quay Street, Downtown Auckland City
Return: Appr. 5.00pm at Pier Three
Cost: $ 63.00 (incl. ferry to and from Tiritiri Matangi, guided walk, tea/coffee)

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Field Trip 6 (Tour 9)

Goat Island Marine Reserve and the Leigh Marine Laboratory

The CMT'07 Organising Committee is very excited to announce a fantastic opportunity to visit and learn about a spectacular venture being run within New Zealand's natural environment. The Leigh Marine Laboratory (University of Auckland), situated within the Goat Island Marine Reserve, will provide the setting for this conference field trip.

The Leigh Marine Laboratory is a biological station that was set up by the University of Auckland in the 1960s, and provides unparalleled access to unspoiled marine environments. The laboratory is within the Goat Island Marine Reserve in the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park which experiences true oceanic waters in a temperate kelp forest ecosystem. Leigh is one of the few marine laboratories in the southern hemisphere to occupy that important ecological niche.

Professor John Montgomery, the Chair in Marine Science at the University of Auckland, is proud to host CMT'07 delegates at the laboratory and to discuss its current research and research findings. The academic staff based at the laboratory coordinate and contribute to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Auckland, as well as supervising postgraduate students based at the laboratory.

Venue: The Leigh Marine Laboratory (University of Auckland)
Host: Professor John Montgomery, University of Auckland
Date: Saturday, 15 September 2007
Time: 8.30am at AUT's WH Building
Return: Appr. 2.00pm (driving time is appr. 90 mins each way - commentary provided)
Cost: $ 39.00 (incl. bus transfer, tour of the facilities, and the adjacent reserve)

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