Coastal & Marine Tourism Congress - Workshops

Invitation to participate in Seafood and Tourism Workshop at the Coastal & Marine Tourism Congress 2007

Concern for economic sustainability of coastal fishing communities is rising as commercial fishermen and fisheries systems are changing due to reductions in fishing fleets, regulatory restrictions focused on stock recovery, the increasing role of aquaculture in production, globalization of trade, industry consolidation, and environmental conditions. Marine commercial fisheries (wild capture and aquaculture) have been and continue to be significant features of the coast that are often the foundation of the coastal tourism experience. For example, eating fresh seafood is typically accepted as an integral part of a visit to the coast.

However, little is known about how commercial fishing communities might take advantage of coastal tourism segments (cultural, heritage, culinary) through a variety of seafood marketing venues. In some venues, industry is developing direct marketing to restaurants and at docks or aquaculture facilities, interpretive exhibits, and seafood cooking instruction. However, location of aquaculture facilities and commercial docks on the coast can also be viewed as competing with coastal tourism interests (e.g., competition with sportfishing, aesthetics).

In some cases, collaboration between tourism and seafood industries has contributed to economic development in coastal communities. These trends suggest the need to better understand tourist preferences for fresh seafood products and experiences in coastal communities.

We are interested in organizing a 2 hour panel session/workshop that focuses on seafood and coastal tourism issues. The workshop will feature presentations which can include submitted CMT 07 papers as well as invited papers (depending on sponsorship). These presenters will also serve as expert panelists who will engage in dialog with workshop participants to identify critical research problems and needs.

Contact: Laura Jodice ( or Linsday Neill ( if you are interested in participating or presenting your paper as part of this workshop.


Invitation to participate in "Interpretation in the Marine Environment and Training of Marine Interpreters and Guides" Workshop at the Coastal & Marine Tourism Congress 2007

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) is involved in developing interpretative materials and talks for visitors to our Scottish wildlife centre and for dolphin watching boats. We are also developing a training programme for marine interpreters, starting with a small pilot scheme in Scotland with our residential and local volunteers.

I'd be interested in organising a workshop to share ideas on marine mammal education and interpretation, and particularly on training educators/interpreters/guides. There was a really useful workshop session at the SMM conference in San Diego on 'Taking Conservation to the Public: Strategies for Getting the Message Out There' and it would be great to follow on from this.

I know there's lots of expertise out there and it would be great to bring some of that expertise together. If you think you would be interested in presenting at this workshop or just attending and sharing your ideas and experiences, either in Spain or in Auckland, please let me know. If there's enough interest we will go ahead and organise these workshops.

Many thanks


Contact: Deb Benham ( if you are interested in participating or presenting your paper as part of this workshop.