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About Us

Who are we?

This Toolkit is the result of work done by Professor Simon Milne, assisted by his research team at the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute (NZTRI) (part of AUT University). The Toolkit was developed with the support and input of the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO) and European Union.

Beyond this screen, a team is mobilised and ready to help you with any enquiries. Currently, the best way to get in touch with us is to use the contact form. Queries will be directed on to NZTRI’s research team.

Why a toolkit?

A recent SPTO report entitled ‘The Training Needs of South Pacific Tourism SME Owners & Managers – 2005’ identified the following core areas of training needs:

  • marketing;
  • management (HR, accounting, finance etc);
  • information technology use and application;
  • greening business;
  • developing cultural/sense of place aspects of business;
  • networking and alliance development;
  • how the tourism industry ‘works’ (information on global structures, distribution channels etc)

What does the SPTO Tourism Toolkit offer?

The toolkit offers information, guides, links to guides and examples of best practises in a number of areas related to Small Tourism Enterprise in South Pacific:

  • The Tourism Industry
  • Managing your Business
  • Marketing
  • IT and eCommerce
  • Greening my Business
  • Networking and Collaborating
  • Culture and a sense of Place

Additionally, a number of features maximise the toolkit’s potential:

  • My toolbox. Users can Register and Log-in, then personalise the Website and keep a log of relevant information, tools, pages etc. (optional registration)
  • Talk Shop. A place where people can ask questions, exchange viewpoints and share knowledge.
  • Toolkit champion. Business owners can offer their resources, offer feedback and assist those asking questions through the talk shop.
  • Resources. Providing access to tourism business databases, industry reports, tourism industry information.
  • Success Stories. Examples of excellence, for example Pacific Islanders who have done good work and achieved excellence (overseas or at home). Real life examples and cases related to each theme


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