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Pacific Toolkit Help
Introduction to the Pacific Toolkit

What is the Pacific Toolkit?
The Pacific Toolkit is designed to support the local small and medium-sized enterprises in the small island nations of the South Pacific. This Toolkit focuses on the need to secure competitive advantage for the industry in terms of value, quality, consistency, presentation and service.

How do I use the Toolkit?
As a user, you can browse the Pacific Toolkit content by using the navigation menu on the right hand side. This menu allows you to locate information based on a particular topic.

I need some more specific information Ė where should I go?
As part of the Pacific Toolkit, we have supplied the Talkshop. The Talkshop is a forum where users can ask questions and work together to find the information they need. We also have specialist staff monitoring the Talkshop who will attempt to answer any questions. In the case of new topics being discussed in the Talkshop, this information can developed further and then moved into the Pacific Toolkit.


Do I need to register to use the Pacific Toolkit?
No. You donít need to register - you can browse the content right away and read the Talkshop forums. If you donít register, you will not be able to participate in discussions in the Talkshop as only registered users can post. Registered users also get access to My Toolbox, which will allow users to bookmark and manage content.

How do I register?
To register, click here.

What does it cost?
This website is provided as a free online resource by the SPTO.

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