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New tourism sustainability website
NZ Tourism Minister Damien O'Connor has launched a new website promoting sustainable practices for tourism businesses. Click here to preview the site.

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A number of games, quizzes and calculators are available through the Resources page

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New Resources

Sense of Place: An Interpretive Planning Handbook - This guide is an excellent introduction to the concept of interpretation and how to make it work for your business AND a sustainable environment. Interpretation is communication designed to improve understanding of your cultural and natural attractions. In order for interpretation to be really effective, it needs to be planned with both sensitivity and creativity. Click here for the full guide


Talofa lava, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Fakaalofa lahi atu, Taloha ni, Ni sa Bula, Kam Na Mauri, Halo Olaketa, Ia Orana, Kia ora, warm greetings and welcome!

Welcome to the SPTO Tourism Toolkit

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation is dedicated to the promotion of the region's tourism and to facilitating the sustainable development of the many businesses that make up the tourism sector. The SPTO is pleased to present to you the SPTO Tourism Toolkit. Designed to support local small and medium-sized enterprises in the small island nations of the South Pacific, this Toolkit focuses on the need to secure competitive advantage for the industry in terms of value, quality, consistency, presentation and service.

The SPTO Tourism Toolkit has been designed to make good use of existing Web-based resources. While the Toolkit portal is therefore relatively ‘content-less’ you will find that it is, indeed, ‘information rich’. We have made every attempt to specifically acknowledge the source of all content in the Toolkit. With this in mind, please read through our “acknowledgements page” or see where we have drawn your attention to a relevant Website or publication. There are many valuable links and resources included in this Toolkit and we hope you find these useful.

This Toolkit features a step-by-step introduction for people interested in starting a tourism business (see right-hand column to see the 7 modules of the Toolkit). Those interested in developing their business will find useful information under the “growing your business” section in each module. The Resources and Talkshop forum sections are freely accessible for visitors, but in order to get the maximum benefit from using the Toolkit please register here. You will then be able to share ideas and experiences through the Talkshop and personalise the site in My Toolbox.

Getting Started

For an introduction to the use of this Toolkit, please read how to get started.

Good luck and please let us know what you think of our site! Beyond this screen, the Toolkit Team is mobilised and ready to answer all your questions related to tourism, business development and offer tips on using the Toolkit.

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