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Creating a sense of place before, during and after a stay…. (Case Study)
Travellers want to get a feel for the authentic, they want not just to buy a bed for the night or a tour – they want to experience surroundings, peoples and cultures. There are many ways your business can emphasize this ‘sense of place’ – in marketing materials, during the client’s visit or after they return home. One of the best examples we have been able to find comes from Nukubati Island in Fiji.


Home-grown fresh! (Case Study)
Another simple way to provide people with a very authentic experience is through the food they eat. Nothing creates a sense of place better than a chance to eat food from a local farm or nearby reef – especially if part of the experience is learning about how the food is grown/caught and prepared.


Culture and a sense of place
"Our everyday life is someone else’s adventure” - Wales Tourism Board

Culture and sense of place embraces everything that is unique about a country, those special and memorable qualities that resonate with local people and visitors alike. It is also a set of personal, family, and community stories that include features of place. Taken together, these stories constitute an attachment to place and it's something that can add real value to your business.

"Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." - Miriam Beard

People travel not only to relax but also to satisfy their need for diversity and their curiosity on how other people live in environments different from their own. Instead of offering a set of uncoordinated activities in your country, you can give your visitors experiences that give a sense of the place they are visiting. This is also good for business. Making use of the sense of place can be profitable in more ways than you can imagine.

What do you have that others want to experience? How do you find out? What do you want to share with those people who visit you, from lands far away? Where do you begin? Click on "Starting my business" for information, ideas and examples to get you started and give you the inspiration to create your own personal sense of place.

In "Growing my business" we have included a map to show you the detailed resources and links of the toolkit that will give you the level of detail needed to take stock of where you are now and look to the future.

Acknowledgement of resources

The information on this page is adapted from:
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