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IT and eCommerce
“personal computers have become the most empowering tool we've ever created." - Bill Gates”

This section of the Toolkit provides a wide range of information on ways that information and communication technologies (ICT) may support, or even shape, the way you do business. eCommerce is far more than selling online. The key to success is to seriously consider your business needs long before you consider the technology that you will purchase.

"Computers are vital to our business - 60% of our bookings are now online" small accommodation business owner - Nukualofa

Tourism businesses can use ICT and eCommerce to reduce expenses, to improve the effectiveness of what they do now and, for some, as a way to transform their business model and offer innovative new services. Here you will find details of the basics of eCommerce, create an eCommerce plan for your business and understand the technology a little better.

Starting my Business
Growing my Business

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