Tourism Strategy Resources

The SPTO Tourism Toolkit

The South Pacific Tourism Organisation is dedicated to the promotion of the region's tourism and to facilitating the sustainable development of the many businesses that make up the tourism sector. Designed to support local small and medium-sized enterprises in the small island nations of the South Pacific, this Toolkit focuses on the need to secure competitive advantage for the industry in terms of value, quality, consistency, presentation and service.

There are many resources in this excellent Toolkit to assist those who plan for tourism development in the Pacific Islands.

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The New Zealand Ministry of Tourism: Tourism Planning Toolkit

The Tourism Planning Toolkit is a set of tools to help local authorities plan for tourism and tackle specific tourism-related issues.

In the Toolkit you can:

  • Use checklists - to quickly assess what you already know, what you need to find out.
  • View examples - including resources and surveys to fill any information gaps.
  • Get guidance - on how to handle tourism issues.

The Tourism Planning Toolkit covers four broad areas

  1. Situation analysis
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Implementation
  4. Monitoring performance
Complete all four Toolkits and you will be equipped to produce a tourism strategy.

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Tourism Planning - Managing resources

Visitors are generally drawn to particular areas because of their scenic values or the natural or cultural experiences they offer. Although tourism can act as a positive catalyst to promote the values and experiences of an area, the nature and scale of visitation, and the corresponding demand that associated tourism activities place on the receiving environment, can also detrimentally affect these areas. Careful tourism planning and management is required to ensure the quality of these places is not compromised.

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Making Tourism More Sustainable: A Guide for Policy Makers

(A UNEP Publication) The Guide presents a comprehensive set of instruments for governments, ranging from planning regulations to economic instruments and the application of certification and indicators, and it sets out 12 aims for sustainable tourism and their implications for policy, and describes the collaborative structures and strategies that are needed at a national and local level. It also identifies ways to influence the development and operation of tourism enterprises and the activities of tourists. The Guide, developed with the contribution of many experts from the field, is illustrated by numerous examples and case studies across the world.

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Tourism statistics, databases and industry reports in the Pacific

This is a good set of relevant resources and references for tourism planners in the Pacific.

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